No Train found for the selected date
Not on 22-Dec having Sleeper class22/12
12491, MOUR DHWAJ EXP, 28-Dec 26.00CPR 09.50JAT* 11.50
15097, AMARNATH EXP, 26-Dec 26.40CPR 09.50JAT* 12.30
15651, LOHIT EXPRESS, 23-Dec 26.40CPR 09.50JAT* 12.30
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00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
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NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
From Stations
CPRChhapra Jn
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JATJammu Tawi