17230, SABARI EXP 02.18TPTY 00.15KPD 02.33Get
12845, BBS YPR SUP EXP 02.16TPTY 03.27KPD 05.43Get
17210, SHESHADRI EXP 02.33TPTY 05.30KPD 08.03Get
07109, HYB QLN SPL 01.43RU 06.15KPD 07.58Get
07236, MTM QLN SPL 02.00TPTY 08.50KPD 10.50Get
07211, CCT QLN SPL 02.00TPTY 08.50KPD 10.50Get
07113, KRMR QLN SPL 02.30TPTY 10.30KPD 13.00Get
07111, SKZR QLN SPL 02.30TPTY 10.30KPD 13.00Get
08567, VSKP QLN SPL 01.50RU 11.10KPD 13.00Get
16381, KANYAKUMARI EXP 02.45TPTY 15.15KPD 18.00Get
12626, KERALA EXPRESS 02.26TPTY 20.54KPD 23.20Get
56214, TPTY CMNR PASS 02.30TPTY* 21.35KPD 00.05Get
12835, HTE YPR EXPRESS 02.25TPTY 22.05KPD 00.30Get
12863, HWH YPR EXPRESS 02.25TPTY 23.25KPD 01.50Get
Not on 22-Dec having Sleeper class22/12
12867, HWH PDY EXP, 23-Dec 02.26TPTY 01.22KPD 03.48
16318, HIMSAGAR EXP, 25-Dec 02.26TPTY 01.22KPD 03.48
12660, GURUDEV EXPRESS, 26-Dec 02.16TPTY 03.27KPD 05.43
16353, KCG NCJ EXP, 25-Dec 02.41TPTY 03.27KPD 06.08
16688, NAVYUG EXPRESS, 28-Dec 02.42TPTY 06.10KPD 08.52
16734, RAMESWARAM EXP, 25-Dec 02.20TPTY 06.10KPD 08.30
07623, KCG QLN SPL, 25-Dec 01.43RU 06.15KPD 07.58
07231, BZA QLN SPL, 26-Dec 01.43RU 06.15KPD 07.58
07115, HYB QLN SPL, 24-Dec 01.43RU 06.15KPD 07.58
07217, NS QLN SPL, 24-Dec 02.00TPTY 08.50KPD 10.50
08301, SBP YPR SPECIAL, 25-Dec 02.04TPTY 09.30KPD 11.34
12540, LKO YPR SUP EXP, 28-Dec 01.55RU 09.35KPD 11.30
22815, BSP ERS S F EXP, 23-Dec 01.55RU 09.35KPD 11.30
22619, BSP TEN EXPRESS, 24-Dec 01.55RU 09.35KPD 11.30
16360, PNBE ERS EXPRES, 25-Dec 02.33TPTY 10.00KPD 12.33
07215, MTM QLN SPL, 23-Dec 02.30TPTY 10.30KPD 13.00
07213, BZA QLN SPL, 28-Dec 02.30TPTY 10.30KPD 13.00
07509, ADB QLN SPL, 28-Dec 02.20TPTY 10.35KPD 12.55
16779, TPTY RMM EXP, 23-Dec 03.00TPTY* 12.40KPD 15.40
15906, VIVEK EXPRESS, 23-Dec 01.48RU 14.20KPD 16.08
22605, PRR VM EXPRES, 23-Dec 02.15RU 16.10KPD 18.25
22603, KGP VM SF EXP, 26-Dec 02.15RU 16.10KPD 18.25
12644, SWARNA JAYANTI, 27-Dec 02.25TPTY 16.55KPD 19.20
12646, ERS MILLENUM EX, 24-Dec 02.25TPTY 16.55KPD 19.20
22851, MAQ VIVEK EXP, 26-Dec 02.21TPTY 17.12KPD 19.33
17606, KCG MAQ EXP, 23-Dec 01.53RU 17.45KPD 19.38
22817, HWH MYS EXPRESS, 27-Dec 01.38RU 18.40KPD 20.18
12889, TATA YPR EXP, 27-Dec 02.25TPTY 22.05KPD 00.30
18637, HTE YPR EXP, 28-Dec 02.25TPTY 22.05KPD 00.30
18567, VSKP QLN EXP, 25-Dec 02.08RU 22.10KPD 00.18
Trains not having Sleeper class22/12
56889, TPTY KPD PASS 02.45TPTY* 02.45KPD* 05.30Y
57401, TPTY KPD PASS 02.45TPTY* 06.45KPD* 09.30Y
17407, PAMANI EXPRESS, 23-Dec 02.50TPTY* 10.40KPD 13.30
02863, HWH YPR PREMIUM, 23-Dec 01.55RU 10.40KPD 12.35
57405, TPTY KPD PASS 03.10TPTY* 11.00KPD* 14.10Y
56887, TPTY KPD PASS 02.50TPTY* 13.50KPD* 16.40Y
22615, TPTY CBE EXP 02.03TPTY* 14.50KPD 16.53Y
22618, TPTY SBC EXP, 23-Dec 02.03TPTY* 14.50KPD 16.53
57403, TPTY KPD PASS 03.15TPTY* 18.45KPD* 22.00Y
17413, TPTY PDY EXPRESS, 27-Dec 02.30TPTY* 21.20KPD 23.50
Legends for Seats Status
*First or Last Station
00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
GetClick to get Seats
NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
From Stations
RURenigunta Jn
To Stations
KPDKatpadi Jn